Well, I have just managed to get Semagic to work with my WordPress account, so I suppose we can consider this to be a test post.

So… does it work?


After a bit of fooling around, yes. It does. Which is a good thing.

And so, an update, of sorts. There is no normal. I’m figuring that out. As soon as I think I have anything at all sorted out, team Life throws a really wicked curveball and mess it all up again. I quit my job, and am now a substitute teacher again. I don’t mind it, but it’s not the best thing I’ll ever do in my life. I discovered Coursera, and am taking a Design course which basically is focusing on the students creating an artifact (in this case, anything which fills a gap in my/someone’s life). I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, however, as what I need to fill the gaps in my life are not within my realm of expertise.

To be honest, the things that cause me pain in life aren’t anything to do with technological objects or little inconveniences that can be easily overlooked. Mine is a relatively simple life, and a quiet one. And the truth is, I prefer it that way.

I don’t have the skills to be able to “fix” my mom. Or my brother. Or any of the situations contained within just those two problems in my life. All I can do is go on — I have no influence over my brother. There is no way I can predict when my mother with have another brain bleed. My brother has made his choices, and my mother’s health is out of all of our hands. And so essentially, I find myself wondering if there is even a place for me within this course that I do find interesting. I don’t know if I am in a position to take it right now. There are other courses available that are coming up, so perhaps I will set my sights on them.

I need to decide, however. The first assignments are due this weekend.

And now, something different…

The other day I went into town to run a few errands, and on a whim took myself out Meig’s County’s variation of Lover’s Lane. I felt bad, because gas is expensive and I am relying on my parents a lot at the moment. But these pictures can only prove that it was the right decision. Beauty such as this is all around us, and most of the time we don’t even take the time to see it.

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